Year: 2015

One-page project description

Feel free to share this one-page project description with potential launch sites. HABEX one-page  

Miller High School Launch Covered By CBC Saskatchewan

Here is a great article from the CBC!

UW Launch covered by CTV

UW prepares to launch

Here’s a newspaper article about the UW launch.  Good luck!

Photos from Inuvik Launch

Inuvik Successful Launch and Retrieval

Inuvik is our first team to launch, and they already have their payload back again. Very exciting.  Here is some coverage of the launch. Videos and data from the retrieval will be posted as available.  

Balloon filling, sealing, and flight train assembly

Rope handling

As you assemble your flight train, you will need to cut your rope and make loops. here’s how to do that.  

Launch Day

On launch day, follow the launch day  and retrieval checklist Launch Day Checklist 2016 BEFORE TRAVELING TO LAUNCH SITE Verify you have all components of: – the PAYLOAD – payload box you constructed – SPOT trace – GoPro camera and

24 hour checklist

One day before launch 1. Verify batteries are charged – Check Battery level for Aukey 10000 mAh external battery. – Check Battery level for GoPro camera – Check Battery level for Spot GPS tracker. Replace with new lithium batteries if