Year: 2016

Fall 2016 electronics payload

This video shows the new electronics kit for the fall 2016 launches with south saskatchewan schools. The lifter and GPS tracker are the same, so see previous videos for descriptions of those.  The sensor kit, battery, and camera are different.

2015 Welcome Email

Welcome to the Canada Wide Experiment, in partnership with the University of Regina’s High Altitude Balloon Project (CWE-HABEX) We are very excited to have you and your team aboard on this opportunity to explore the edge of space! We will

University of Winnipeg Balloon Video

University of Calgary Balloon Video

Balloon Launch!

About HABEX (video)

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For more details, to comment, or to find out how to become a part of the project please contact David Gerhard at (Phone: 306-585-5227) or Stephen Cheng at (Phone: 306-337-2402)