24 hour checklist

One day before launch

1. Verify batteries are charged

– Check Battery level for Aukey 10000 mAh external battery.

– Check Battery level for GoPro camera

– Check Battery level for Spot GPS tracker. Replace with new lithium batteries if necessary

2. Verify that Spot trace is tracking

– do the same check as in the 48hr checklist.  The spot trace is the only way to find the payload afterwards, so it’s critical that it works.

3. Finalize launch site and verify.

– make sure you have physical access to the launch site

– run predictions on predict.habhub.com

– check weather forecasts and wind direction

4. Go through the launch day procedures with your team on http://s2ss2s.ca/launch-day/

5. Discuss retrieval plan with your team

– Who will go?

– Looking at the predictions, what is the best way to get to the predicted landing zone?

– What time will you go?

– How will you ensure access to predicted retrieval sites?

5. Confirm Helium transport to launch site

– who will transport helium?

– how will helium be stored at the launch site?

– how will tanks be transported from launch site and returned to supplier?

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