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2015 Welcome Email

Welcome to the Canada Wide Experiment, in partnership with the University of Regina’s High Altitude Balloon Project (CWE-HABEX) We are very excited to have you and your team aboard on this opportunity to explore the edge of space! We will

One-page project description

Feel free to share this one-page project description with potential launch sites. HABEX one-page  

NOTAM filing and Transport Canada contacts

You can download the Transport Canada Operational Procedures and Guidelines document here: HABEX2015_TCNAVCAN_OPG You can download a template for the Notices to Airmen filing here: You will make your filing with your Regional Airspace Specialist, listed below:   For teams in Regina,

Helium supplier contacts

Praxair is our helium supplier, and we have made arrangements for each team to pick up helium from the following local contacts.   You will pick up two N88 helium cylinders and transport them to the launch location yourself in

HABEX kit code

The code for your HABEX kit is available as a single arduino file. you can download it here and modify it as you wish s2ssensorlog_mega In addition, you will need the following libraries installed: Standard libraries: SD.h (Use the library

48-hour checklist and Transport Canada Filing

Two days before your launch, you should complete the 48-hour checklist 48hr checklist Within this checklist, you will find you will need to file with Transport Canada. Please consult for further details on filing your flight plan with Transport Canada. The

Logo for payload note

If you would like to print off a note to attach to your payload, you may use the following logo if you wish. Right-click and download.