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University of Winnipeg Balloon Video

University of Calgary Balloon Video

Balloon Launch!

About HABEX (video)

Update spot tracker

We did our best to set up the SPOT traces as they should be before we shipped them but based on testing and a balloon launch we did April 9, we feel there is a setting that needs to be

Battery charger for liPoly battery for hackHD

NOTE: if your kit includes a Smart Citizen kit, you can charge your liPoly battery by plugging it into the Smart Citizen kit, and attaching the Smart Citizen kit to a computer via an appropriate USB cable (not included) Otherwise, use the following

Payload Box Building Tutorial


Electronics Kit Unboxing

David describes the electronics of the HABEX kits and how to use them.  The kits are outlined below. 1 x HABEX sensor board 1 x HackHD camera kit 1 x SPOT Trace GPS Tracking Unit (not all kits have the