Instruction Videos

Electronics Kit Unboxing Fall 2016

The camera and sensor board are updated for Fall 2016. Watch the kit video for Spring 2016 (below) for more details about the previous kit including mounting the camera.

Electronics Kit Unboxing Spring 2016

the electronics of the HABEX kits for 2016 includes

  • 1 x HABEX sensor board with external components
  • 1 x GOPRO camera kit
  • 1x 32GB SD card for the GOPRO
  • 1 x SPOT Trace GPS Tracking Unit
  • 1x 12000 mAh USB battery

Flight Train Kit

In the next video David describes the flight train components that come with the HABEX kit that you will need to launch your kits.  The kit should include everything seen here:


  • 1 x helium filling hose
  • 1 x helium filling hose nozzle
  • 1 x 60 cm parachute
  • 2 x latex high altitude weather balloons
  • 1 x role of duct tape
  • 15 m nylon rope
  • handful of zip ties
  • nitrile gloves
  • lift scale



Rope Handling

As you assemble your flight train, you will need to cut your rope and make loops. Here’s how to do that:


Balloon Sealing and Flight Train Assembly



Payload Box-Building

NOTE: these builds are based on the 2015 electronics kit but should be generally applicable.  the 2016 kit does not include an external power switch, and the light and sound beacons are integrated into the green gas sensor board.